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"All rape is 'real' rape." —Alice Vachss


The Charge of Rape, the Force of Myth
The Washington Post, November 2, 2003
"[O]ur society harbors some deep-seated rape myths—cultural misconceptions about sexual violence that interfere with our adequately addressing the prevalence of sexual assault. In recent years, most of these rape myths had gone underground, seemingly because it would have been unpopular to express them. But now, distressingly, the Kobe Bryant case has granted them all permission to resurface."

Megan's Law Won't Reduce Sex Crimes
The New York Times, July 31, 1995
"To control the violent and dangerous, we need longer actual prison sentences and greater and more consistent enforcement. According to the most recent Bureau of Justice report, the national average sentence for convicted violent felons was less than eight years, of which they already served less than four in prison."

How To Keep Dangerous Criminals Behind Bars
PARADE Magazine, September 25, 1994
"What can we really do to fight back against violent crime? Hold our judges and prosecutors accountable when they fail to do their jobs."

PARADE Magazine cover June 27, 1993All Rape Is 'Real' Rape
The New York Times, August 11, 1993
"It is no longer socially acceptable to openly condone sexual assault, so many distinguish between 'real' rape and what they insist are 'gray areas' such as 'date rape.' Those who make the distinction are, in effect, collaborators."

We Need To Go To War
PARADE Magazine, June 27, 1993
"A rapist is a single-minded, totally self-absorbed, sociopathic beast—a beast that cannot be tamed with 'understanding.' We need to stop shifting the responsibilities, to stop demanding that victims show 'earnest resistance,' to stop whining and start winning. And one of our strongest weapons must be fervent intolerance for collaboration in any form.